Matěj Stráník
Eth (Matěj Stráník), producer and multi-instrumentalist. Originally from Czech Republic, I’m currently based in Southern Spain. 
I’ve been working in the world of music since nearly 20 years, starting as a saxophonist in a jazz band. After that, I found the magic of guitar and bass guitar and played for many years in several music groups  (hip-hop, metal, world music…). Simultaneously, I get experienced with recording and was absorbed in sound engineering, mixing, mastering and DJ'ing. I ran my own radio studio and helped with the production of many music festivals. Then, I started my artistic project called ETH, a mix of electronic, deep and ethnic music and also begin to work as a producer and composer.

I will work with you to make sure your vision is captured in music. In love with the process of bringing a song to life, if you need a track, an intro, a commercial song or production or mastering, I'm your guy! 
Passionate about sound, I’ll make sure your music is 100% original, with catchy melodies and that it'll stand out from the rest. Carefully, I'll build up the sound to find your identity. The song will be custom-made for you, delivered on time and to your full satisfaction.
I can bring guidance to help new artists find distribution, digital marketing and social media marketing thanks to my skills and talent to transform your project into a commercially successful, release-ready product. 
My ears are ON, so get in touch and lets make some beautiful music!
Furthermore, I also work in multimedia - video, video postproduction, photography and web design. If you need anything of this, just contact me.
Check out my major work and collaborations in “My portfolio”!

Services Include:
Audio/instrumental production for performance or art installation 
Intro, Jingle or audio FX, music for media
Mixing, mastering, voiceover editing
Beat making and arrangement for singers
Meditation and ambient music production
Already finished tracks for your use
Multimedia - video, postproduction, photography, web design

How to start? Tell me in detail what you need (creating an original track “in … style”; mixing and mastering of an already recorded stems; developing and finishing a demo…), send me a sample or tell examples of similar artists you like. Then, I’ll will dive in and mix/compose. In a couple of days, I’ll start to send you drafts until you love the result and say it's done :)

Give me a story, I’ll give you a tone / Capturing your vision in music