Capturing your vision in design
ETH AUTHENTICITY is a multidisciplinary art and design family-run agency directed by Matej Stranik.
Creating design, music and videos by combining observations of everyday life, originality, melancholy with the liberating energy of humor and some great colors... that is what is all about
The project involves audiovisual design, graphic and sound projects for small and large companies.
We believe that good design simplifies life, communicate across borders and beautify the world around us. We share a passion for building relationships and working in collaborative environment to make great stories come to life for our clients and friends.​​​​​​​

Meet the face behind the name… Matej Stranik
Producer and multi-instrumentalist. Originally from Czech Republic, he’s currently based in Spain. 
Matej has been working in the world of music and sound since nearly 20 years, starting as a saxophonist in a jazz band. After that, he found the magic of guitar and bass guitar and played for many years in several music groups  (hip-hop, metal, world music…). Simultaneously, Matej gets experienced with recording and was absorbed in sound engineering, mixing, mastering and DJ'ing. He ran his own radio studio and helped with the production of many music festivals. Then, his artistic project called ETH came to life, a mix of electronic, deep and ethnic music and also begin to work as a producer and composer.

Then, ETH becomes also this project combining multimedia and audiovisuals art.
Collaborating with his wife and other friendly creative people, ETH studio brings together a team of thinkers and freelance designers with a unique mix of creativity and progressive thinking.​​​​​​​
Check out the major work and collaborations in “My portfolio” and feel free to contact us!