Music production

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I’ll work with you to make sure your vision is captured in music. In love with the process of bringing a song to life, if you need a track, an intro, a commercial song or production or mastering, I'm your guy! 
Passionate about sound, I’ll make sure your music is 100% original, with catchy melodies and that it'll stand out from the rest. Carefully, I’ll build up the sound to find your identity. The song will be custom-made for you, delivered on time and to your full satisfaction.​​​​​​​
I can bring guidance to help new artists find distribution, digital marketing and social media marketing thanks to his skills and talent to transform your project into a commercially successful, release-ready product. 
My ears are ON, so get in touch and let's make some beautiful music!

Music production - intro, jingle or audio FX, music for media
A memorable jingle is extremely valuable for all kinds of companies. Good jingles can often play a critical role in your branding - it becomes an identifier for a certain product/service, which makes it extremely recognizable.
I’m dedicated to creating jingles with great hook lines… and great melodies. We’ll have everyone singing along to your song.
Digging into your product to uncover and discover the special ingredient that separates you from the pack. I’ll spice it up and serve it in a way people won’t forget!

Need an intro/outro for your podcast? Searching for a melody for your commercial? Need a music background to your video? Give me your story, I’ll give you back a tone! 
Whatever your project are and wherever you're from, I have the perfect music for you!

Mixing, Mastering, Voiceover
I will bring to your music the maximum effectiveness. Daily feedback and unlimited revisions. Standout results. Whatever your requirement, I'm here to assist you in every level.
My main objective is to use the art of mixing to achieve the perfect sound to your songs. It is not just about making it louder and pretty, but to understand what the Artist is trying to communicate. 
I’ll get your music to reach its fullest potential. I listen. I provide the final quality assurance before your music goes public. I am the intersection of you, your art, your audience and the marketplace. 
Let’s get rid of noise, unwanted sounds, let’s compress the sound and allow a consistent volume level throughout your entire recording. 

My mixing and mastering services include:
- Equalization
- Compression
- Loudness Control
- FX Effects (Reverb, Delay)
- Noise removal services
- General audio editing

Provide me your tracks and I will turn them into a high quality final mix.
You will get a high quality WAV and MP3 files for your track.
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